Makeup by Jessica K.

I come to you. All services are onsite, at your location.


Single person makeup – $125+

Bridal Makeup – $130

Group rate/ Bridal party – $100 per person

Bridal Consultation- $130+

Photo shoot makeup- $130+

Assistant fee – $200

Travel  – $25+

Makeup shopping- $80 per hour (I come help you shop for makeup! Don’t buy stuff you won’t use; let me help you choose what you’ll need.)

Faux Mink Lashes –  $10

Body Makeup- $15+



Single person makeup – I use a liquid foundation (non-airbrush), and I lean on the side of a more radiant, natural finish. False lashes are included in all appointments. 45+ minutes

Bridal makeup –  I spend a little extra time on you! 60+ minutes.

Group rate/ Bridal party – This price includes 4 or more in a party. 45+ minutes

Bridal consultation- We will go over the day-of details as well as do your makeup the way you'd like it the day of your wedding. 60+ minutes

Assistant fee – I typically need an assistant if there is a time constraint or over 7 people in the party. Calculate up the time you have to get everyone's makeup done, and you'll know if you need two of us! 

Travel- A travel fee is included for any location outside the 610 loop within Houston, TX. Email me to see if you location requires a travel fee.


Faux Mink Lashes – Please let me know ahead of your appointment if you'd like these lashes. They give a fuller, thicker appearance.

Body Makeup– Please let me know ahead of your appointment if you'd like body makeup applied. I use a water proof, aerosol body makeup.