Makeup by Jessica K.

I come to you- all services are onsite, at your location.


Single person makeup – $125+

Bridal Makeup – $130

Group rate/ Bridal party – $100 per person

Bridal Consultation- $130+

 Photo shoot makeup- $130+

Assistant fee – $200

Travel  – $25+


Makeup lessons – $200+

Makeup artist lessons – $350

Faux Mink Lashes –  $10

Body Makeup- $15+



Single person makeup – I use a liquid foundation (non-airbrush), and I lean on the side of a more radiant, natural finish. False lashes are included in all appointments. 45+ minutes

Bridal makeup –  I spend a little extra time on you! 60+ minutes.

Group rate/ Bridal party – This price includes 4 or more in a party. 45+ minutes

Bridal consultation- We will go over the day-of details as well as do your makeup the way you'd like it the day of your wedding. 60+ minutes

Assistant fee – I typically need an assistant if there is a time constraint or over 7 people in the party. Calculate up the time you have to get everyone's makeup done, and you'll know if you need two of us! 

Travel- A travel fee is included for any location outside the 610 loop within Houston, TX. Email me to see if you location requires a travel fee.

Makeup Lessons – During a makeup lesson, we will go through your own makeup, seeing what you can keep and use, and you will have the chance to use my products as well. Makeup lessons take a minimum of 2 hours, and the rate is $100 per hour. 

Makeup Artist Lessons *NEW*– If you're a freelance artist looking to  expand your artistry, book this lesson. You'll be given tips I've learned over the years as a freelance artist. 

Faux Mink Lashes – Please let me know ahead of your appointment if you'd like these lashes. They give a fuller, thicker appearance.

Body Makeup– Please let me know ahead of your appointment if you'd like body makeup applied. I use a water proof, aerosol body makeup.